GTA 5 ANDROID - How To Play GTA 5 On Android Or iOS 2018
How to Install GTA 5 On Android or iOS

How To Play GTA 5 On Android Or iOS 2018

Do you actually think that GTA 5 works on Android? Have you searched google for this and found out many Youtube videos and other websites which gives you fake information? Then this is the right place for you to know the real truth about playing GTA 5 on Android or iOS.

There are a lot of fake answers on this topic all over Google. The short answer to this Yes you can play GTA 5 on Android. However, this isn’t done by installing APK or other files that are totally fake.

Why You Cant Play Directly

It’s mainly because of the specifications you have for mobile devices they are extremely low for a high-end game like GTA 5 which uses a lot of resources.

Rockstar has released only till GTA San Andreas in Android and iOS.Even GTA 5 cant be played many PCS because of low configuration. So don’t waste your valuable time on Youtube videos and other websites which gives you fake information.

Let me get into one of the biggest scams in youtube. Some people show proof of playing GTA 5 on android which really makes us believe that it can be played by using APK, they even provide a link to those APK in the description.

Those links lead to some fake sites. Please don’t download anything from those kinds of websites it can be Malware or some virus that can affect your system.

Let me tell you how they do that kind of stuff. They will be having GTA 5 installed on PC and they will stream the whole thing into android or ios using streaming apps like Remotr Game Streaming, KinoConsole.


How To Play GTA 5 On Android or iOS

So am going to tell you how to play GTA 5 on Android or iOS in the only effective way available know as cloud gaming. You will be knowing about cloud storage. Cloud storage is basically where you can store data without evening having a data storage device.

What is Cloud Gaming

The idea behind Cloud gaming is that you don’t even need high-end gaming systems or consoles with heavy and powerful graphics hardware. Those kinds of heavy works will be done in the cloud.

In simple words, cloud gaming runs a game on its server and streams a video of the gameplay straight to you. You’re all input device such as a keyboard, mouse, and controller actions are sent over the network to the cloud gaming server.

Advantages Of Cloud Gaming

  • No need High-end Systems.
  • Any game can be played on any OS.
  • Play games instantly without downloading them.
  • Spectating is easy.

Disadvantages Of Cloud Gaming

  • Compression of video
  • High bandwidth usage

Playing GTA V On Android Or iOS Using Cloud Gaming

So now let’s get into how to play GTA 5 on Android or iOS using Cloud Gaming. Before getting into the step use should ensure that your android or ios device is having a good internet connection.

There are many cloud gaming platforms available now but we will check 3  of the cloud gaming platforms

  2. Shadow – Cloud Gaming
  3. LiquidSky    

We will get onto each of them and will see the steps on how to play them on each platform.


The idea behind vortex is that all the games are installed on their powerful Nvidia GeForce GTX there is no need to download or update the game all the time. All those will be done by them.

Just Press ‘Play game’ and get your very own cloud gaming machine, with cutting-edge Nvidia hardware, up and running in seconds!

The game is streamed from their datacenters straight to your device.
Mouse, keyboard, and controller input is sent from your device to the game on cloud PC.

What you’ll find inside:

No matter what hardware you have – thanks to Vortex streaming technology you can enjoy beautiful visuals in every game streamed with up to 60 FPS.

You’ll never have to wait for installations, downloads or updates again.
Just click and play.

Get access to over 100 games – with monthly updates.

You can play on mobile, TV, Windows PC or our unique browser platform!

Use any Android compatible hardware controller to control the game

Use our powerful touchscreen mapper with buttons, DPAD, triggers and analog sticks.

Vortex will require a stable 4G or 5Ghz WiFi internet connection.

One more thing about vortex is that it isn’t free you have to pay a small subscription fee just like Netflix to Vortex. The cool thing is that you can play any games by this one subscription fee.It is worth for the money you spend.

Vortex can be used in any OS. Even it can be used on your low-end PC. More information about Votex for all the operating systems can be found from



  1. Download Vortex from Playstore.
  2. Create an Account.
  3. Subscribe to Vortex.
  4. Play GTA 5 or any other game on your Android or iOS device.


Shadow – Cloud Gaming

Its is also much similar to Vortex only the prcing is different.Shadow is an insanely powerful gaming rig to play, work, browse. You can do everything you love to do on a regular PC. Just better. Shadow can be used on Android devices, as well as on PC, Mac or iOS.

What is Shadow?

The first ever high-end Windows 10 PC in the cloud accessible everywhere using any Internet-connected device – from older desktops and laptops, to tablets, smartphones and even smart TVs.

The components of your Shadow computer are located in highly secured data centers. We use cutting edge technology to transmit a perfect image up to 4K, with no visible latency.

You can play PUBG, Fortnite, or any other PC game, when you want, where you want. Use powerful apps such as Blender on a budget tablet. As we provide regular hardware upgrades for life (at no charge), you’ll never have to buy a newer graphics card – ever.

What are the specs?

CPU : Intel XEON 8 dedicated Threads
GPU : High-End dedicated graphics card (equ. 1080GTX)
RAM : 12GB
Storage : 256GB
Embedded Internet Connection : 1Gbps+

How much is it?

Shadow plans start from $34,95 in the US, £26.95 in UK.

Shadow is also worth the money you spend.



  1. Download Shadow from Playstore.
  2. Create an Account.
  3. Subscribe to Shadow.
  4. Play GTA 5 or any other game on your Android or iOS device.

LiquidSky PC Cloud Gaming on Android

LiquidSky lets you run any PC game on your Android device! Simply open the LiquidSky app, create an account, and your device is transformed into a Windows Gaming PC. Run games like Fallout 4, Call of Duty, Witcher 3, Rocket League, and many more! You don’t even need to own a computer!

To get started we recommend logging into your Steam, Blizzard, or Origin accounts after purchasing a plan in the app. By logging into one of these storefronts you will be able to access your existing library of games and play them on your Android device.

It is recommended to use a controller and play controller supported games for the optimal experience. LiquidSky supports almost any OTG/Bluetooth keyboard, mouse or controller. We recommend the GameSir wired controller here

LiquidSky requires a stable 4G or 5Ghz WiFi internet connection to function properly and may not be compatible with your Android device. For the best experience, we recommend being within 500km of a data center. We currently have 6 data centers across the world.

Data Center Locations Include: San Jose, CA – Dallas, TX – Washington D.C. – Frankfurt, Germany – London, UK – Hong Kong

The most cool thing about LiquidSky is they provide Trial Gameplay.


  1. Download LiquidSky from Playstore.
  2. Create an Account.
  3. Subscribe to LiquidSky.
  4. Play GTA 5 or any other game on your Android or iOS device.



Which Is The Best

Out of the three i think Vortex is much better than the other two.I personally have used Vortex and it performs well on my device.I use OnePlus 5T.It works well on my device.

Keep in mind that these can be used on any OS wheather it be Windows , Mac, Android , iOS.

If you are looking for playing GTA 5 free on your device then it isn’t possible currently.All the Apps that i have talked about requires a small subscription fees some of them even provides trial use for few days or hours.It is worth the money you pay.

Don’t fall for the False news about playing GTA 5 on Android.In youtube there are many videos most of them are click baits just for making money.Some of them even provide APK files in there website.These APK will be either GTA Sanandreas or someothe Fake apps.

It can also be Malwares or Virus which can infect your system.Some sites provide surveys just before downloading the fake APK.This survey will be either to purchase something or register to some sites.

All those are totally fake and registering in those sites can lead to many Phishing activities.

The methods which i have given is the only way of playing GTA 5 currently on Android or iOS.





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