Realme or Samsung which is most using Indian people ?

Image source : Realme/Samsung

Both companies are doing well Realme is giving very tuff compilation to Samsung in midrange smartphone, due to price and processor, Samsung Smartphones are slightly over priced compared other competitors but in case of  Realme  it launches smartphones at very agressive price point.

In case  flagship smartphone samsung have no competition with Realme, it's one of best smartphone selling company in the world compared other smartphone companies.

My opinion

Obviously samsung is best in between realme and samsung. Samsung usually targeted on his mobile design however realme extremely targeted on his mobile processor.

Realme always centered that the way to build best cheap value mobile with best processors. that realme occupied a high sailing mobile in midrange.

Realme is manufacturing best low-cost mobiles however just in case of Samsung they're creating best flagship mobiles.

Realme become a best competition in midrange that extremely compare with xiomi mobiles.

Realme and samsung best in their own place. Samsung manufacturing best flagship that are best in camera, show but samsung ignoring a bit regarding its processors.

All about i explained however we will not say samsung is best, as a result of they 2 are best in their own class.

To be honest,Samsung may be a well established brand and is within the market from decades and Realme is the emerging brand grom last 2–3 years..And if you ask me the better brand its attending to be samsung,But the solution might differ just in case of phones..Realme has quite competitive specs at lower costs than samsung..So just in case of smartphones ,Realme provide a lot of value for money..If you want to go for brand and after sales sery , definitely go for samsung ,Otherwise ig you regularly wish to change smartphones in each 1.5 to 2 years ,Realme won't be a nasty choice..Hope that helps..

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