Google has officially pulled the plug on its Trusted Contacts app from app store

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1. trusty Contacts can not be accessible for download.

2. It follows Google Latitude and Google+ Location scrapped earlier.

3. Google can finish support to trusted Contacts on Dec 1.

Google has formally officially the plug on its trusted Contacts app. 1st introduced in 2016, the app offered users the simplest way to share their device activity standing and site with chosen contacts. it's currently disappeared from each Google Play store and therefore the Apple's App Store. The large large will stop support for the app beginning Dec one this year. The move follows a series of measures that Google has taken recently to optimise its product and services. trusted Contacts follows within the footsteps of Google's 2 different location sharing apps — Google Latitude and Google+ Location Sharing — that were scrapped earlier.

Trusted Contacts was 1st inducted completely to Play Store for android users. A year and a few upgrades later, it had been created made for iOS users via the App Store. By then, it had been integrated with Google Maps and offered helpful options like permitting a trusted contact to be added via email address. however it slowly lost its radiance.

For those that have the trusted Contacts app put in still, Google can finish support to it when Dec one. the web site has put up a notice that announces the date. Google is prompting the users to use location sharing feature, that currently also includes live location — a practicality of trusted contacts — on Google Maps instead. Users who would like to try and download a listing of their trusted contacts even have until Dec one to do it from the web site.

In a similar move, Google also plans to kill Hangouts. It recently declared that it'll be transitioning users from Hangouts to Google Chat that's now a part of the re-branded Google workspace (previously G Suite) hangout next year. resort users are prompted to use Meet (also a region of Google Workspace) for video calls hangout Nov. The support for Hangouts can officially ends next year.

Stay tuned for more information.

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