Xiaomi Mi Notebook 14 (fourteen) review: a replacement definition for budget laptops

  • The promise here, that the Notebook lives up to, is that you just don’t need to get a portable computer that's slow out of the box or slows down when
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Like within the remainder of the globe, the covid-19 pandemic has breathed new life in India’s portable computer market likewise. however whereas folks do need to shop for new laptops, their budgets also are stressed, which means laptops just like the Mi Notebook fourteen area unit best positioned to the Mi Notebook fourteen is that the more cost-effective of Xiaomi’s 2 budget laptops, the opposite being the Horizon edition we tend to reviewed earlier.

Mi Notebook fourteen starts at ₹43,999, whereas the Horizon edition at ₹54,999.

however the maximum amount as we’d wish to say the Mi Notebook fourteen is one amongst a sort, what Xiaomi has very done is given you the simplest of

This toned-down version had slower SSD storage within, however the mere proven fact that it's AN SSD offers the Mi Notebook a leg up. That, enough RAM and a tenth generation Intel Core i5 processor within is what makes the worth proposition from a performance purpose of read.

The promise here, that the Notebook lives up to, is that you just don’t need to get a portable computer that's slow out of the box or slows down when Granted that you just won’t get ultrabook level performance, the Mi Notebook fourteen still works quicker than its nearest competitors.

Speaking of ultrabooks, the one side the Mi Notebook fourteen matches them in is that the battery life. It hits the 9 to 10-hour battery life, as long as you’re not play on that.

Similarly, the 14-inch full-HD display board isn’t simply words on paper. It’s a matte show, that makes it simple to use all told varieties of lightweight conditions. the colour fidelity and sharpness also are smart for the value.

To be clear, you are doing get Asus Vivobook-like devices that have similar show panels, however they’ll not match the opposite specs.

SSDs, 8GB RAM, ANd an Intel Core i5 processor area unit style of the rule of thumb once it involves selecting daily driver sort laptops. for many users United Nations agency area unit shopping for new laptops at once - for education, regular official procedure - the Mi Notebook fourteen is that the longest-lasting portable computer you'll be able to get on a budget, and that we do not mean in terms of battery life.

What it’s missing could be a intrinsic digital camera and backlighting for the keyboard, things Xiaomi maybe couldn’t within the value given the opposite specs. however one may simply build the case that the opposite specs area unit additional necessary for a portable computer that’ll last you a couple of years, that is typically the highest priority for budget portable computer patrons in Republic of India.

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