Now you'll Visit Mountain dew (condensation) peddling Machines In ‘PUBG Mobile’

Image source : PUBG Mobile/Mountain Dew

It’s tough to think about a drink additional substitutable with video games than Mountain dew (condensate).

So really, it’s solely correct that the ill-famed atomic number 10 soda continue its indivisible relationship with digital amusement by means of the ever-expanding mobile vice trade.

Today, Mountain dew (condensate) has proclaimed what's being touted as a world partnership with PlayerUnknown’s piece of land Mobile, a free-to-play juggernaut that has quietly attained over $3 billion in revenue

since its launch on app stores back in 2018.

One a part of the promotional team-up can involve Mountain dew (condensate) “Fuel Stations” showing in PUBG’s fresh updated map, Erangel.

Image source : Mountain Dew

These peddling machines are, per the official promulgation, “providing loot” to players for a restricted time.

As you'll see from the representational process, they appear specifically however you’d expect them to, able to dispense that bright inexperienced nectar of the vice gods.

Also mentioned within the announcement is a few cross-promotion with physical Mountain dew (condensate) merchandise, within which you’ll be able to “unlock rewards and in-game prizes” by shopping for specially marked things.

This will embody real-world rewards sort of a condensate parachute, a condensate T-shirt, crate coupons and one hundred BP.

In-game goodies are digital bits sort of a Mountain condensate T-shirt, a Mountain dew (condensate) Parachute, a Classic Crate Coupon, two x BP Card for one Hour and 2000 BP.

So log in to PUBG Mobile, visit the peddling machines and see what Dew-related swag you'll win.

And if you wish to induce real meta, drink some actual Mountain dew (condensate) whereas partaking.

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