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Apple has officially released today on september the 9th ios 14 developer beta 8. yes ios 14 developer beta 8 apple is quickly ramping up production to release ios 14 here shortly in this video we're going to go over some of the latest details in the software as well as expected release dates now public beta testers this is available for you as well so that is a sign.

image source: Apple

That apple is moving quickly to releasing ios 14 here in the next couple of days so we'll get to some of those details by the way the download was 115 MB on this iphone 11 from beta 7 to beta 8. now for whatever reason on some of  other iphones was slightly lower or slightly higher that's going to depend on our device of course so let's head on over to settings

 Here and take a quick look at the build number the build number is also another indication that apple is almost at its final stages for ios 14.0 to be released to the general public here it is ending with the letter a we have 18 a 5 3 7 3 a that's going to be the bill number and as i mentioned before as we get closer to the letter b and a that means that apple will most likely soon be releasing a gold master copy.  

image source: Apple

Yesterday apple announcing their new september apple event now at this event apple could be releasing a brand new apple watch sixth generation alongside new ipad air but in these events apple sometimes takes stage and releases new software as well and this will be on september the 15th in case you did not know so next week on tuesday apple will be announcing most likely a brand new apple watch and ipad airs but we could see a gold master copy release of ios 14.

Next week as well now the gold master copy is pretty much the final build for ios 14 before it gets pushed out to the general public there's usually no difference between the gold master copy and the official release unless something happens in between where there's a major bug and they have to push it back but if apple does release the gold master copy next week on tuesday the 15th at the event then we can expect an official release to everyone worldwide or most likely on the 17th or the 18th the following week now keep in mind that the iphone 12 this year will most likely be delayed but that doesn't mean that ios 14 won't get released here in the next couple of days apple will most likely ship the iphone 12 with ios 14.1 instead of ios 14.0 and that is a high possibility this year so just keep that in mind that apple will most likely be delaying.

The software 14.1 in hopes to release with the next generation of iphones a little weird a little different from other years usually we see the new software release and then a few days later we see the new iphone ship with the latest software but apple most likely due to this whole pandemic situation release of software first this year and then a second round of software for the newer devices this year.

Now in terms of the software right now anything that i've come across so far has just been bug fixes so minor hiccups and problems within the software is what i see so far that apple has addressed minor issues with wi-fi things with bluetooth also the connection issue with bluetooth where it wouldn't recognize devices that were connected wirelessly like airpods those have been fixed and things like that the metal application seems a lot more structured this time everything just seems a lot more polished pretty much so this feels like the uh final final copy of ios 14 we may see minor tweaking before the golden master copy here in the next couple of days but don't expect any more major changes within the next couple of days of course i'll continue to dig around the software i've only had it installed for several hours on this main device here but if i find anything else or i have any additional information to share with you guys in the next 48 hours or so i'll come back with additional details in terms of performance batteries bugs or bug fixes and features and changes but there you guys have it ios 14.
image source: Apple

Developer beta 8 is available right now the same for public beta testers you can download it right now.

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