Google’s new Chromecast goes on sale early, full specs disclosed

Google’s hardware event is regular for this Wed afternoon wherever the corporate is anticipated to announce new element phones, a replacement Nest Home speaker, and a replacement Chromecast. Well, the latter has unwittingly gone on sale within the United States of America. due to a 2 separate instances rumored via Reddit, we all know that each Walmart and residential Depot have place the new streaming electronic device up purchasable earlier than its official unveiling.

Image credit: Reddit u/AsianCPA

We conjointly got a picture of the new “Chromecast with Google TV” displayed on a shelf among older Chromecast devices. The new device is already on sale reception Depot retail stores and a couple of users on Reddit have managed to search out the devices on sale at their native stores.

These early purchases offer United States of America additional data than once solely pictures and render leak earlier than a product’s launch. we tend to currently recognize far more concerning the new Chromecast, what proportion it'll value, and a few of the new Chromecast’s options and specs.

For starters, the device – as pictured in “Snow” white, can retail for $49. The remote that we tend to saw within the renders and leaks is powered by 2 AAA batteries, thus it isn’t reversible. On the receipt, the device seems a “Sabrina-Abbey”. We’re unsure wherever Abbey came from (perhaps it’s a codename for the new remote), however we tend to do recognize this Chromecast was codenamed Sabrina from early reports. The new Chromecast is running a replacement version of golem TV merely referred to as “Google TV.


Leaked renders of Google's HDMI persist with remote

There’s support for electrical engineer Atmos, electrical engineer Vision, DTSX, HDR10+, moreover as support for h.265 streams, and 4K resolution.

An earlier post discovered the new Chromecast’s technical specs from another user that purchased the device early. Upon putting in the AIDA64 app from the Play Store, the subsequent specs are discovered.

  • 2GB RAM
  • 4154 MB of storage
  • 4-core ARM Cortext-A55 @ 1908Mhz
  • 64 bit ARMx8-A (32-bit mode)

The electronic device itself uses a USB-C affiliation, tho' it isn’t clear whether or not this affiliation can support alternative protocols like LAN or hardware inputs sort of a mouse or keyboard. Meanwhile, though the remote has volume buttons, it'll send an indication to the TV via CEC that uses the HDMI signal to interface with the TV. Ergo, there's no IR transmitter within the remote.

It looks like not solely Home Depot, however Walmart has conjointly been commercialism the new Chromecast with reports as early as late-last week. Not all stores square measure carrying them, however as we tend to in. nearer to Wed, we tend to imagine it won’t be long till they're offered within the United States of America.

Stay tuned for more information.

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